Date: July 21
Time: 6:30 PM
Informal recital at Page Music Lessons, Room 4.

Music Night Boston


Music Night Boston


Everyone can recall a nerve-racking event where they had to perform for a group, and most would like to forget the sweaty palms and butterflies in their stomachs.

At the Page Music Recitals, we like to take a relaxed approach. Students, friends and family settle in and encourage each other throughout the performances. Instructors occasionally join in, or perform a song or two of their own to close out the night.

The opportunity to perform for a live audience does wonders for any student, and our community of students and instructors is one of the most supportive you're likely to find.

If you are considering joining Page Music Lessons, or if you are taking lessons and just want to listen, please drop in at the next Music Night. Or contact us today to sign up for lessons or to learn more.


"I really think the music nights have added a tremendous amount to the program. And it's great to see everyone progressing. The collaborative efforts are terrific."

- Dan L., guitar student

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