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Who is your instructor?

How long have you been a student at Page?
Since August 2006

4th grade student

What is your favorite type of music?

Thoughts about Page:
My name is Celenia, and I'm a 4th grader at Trotter Elementary.  Tania is my piano teacher. I love Tania because she's so nice.  She helps me to work hard and not give up.  She also helps me achieve my goals and make my mom proud.  I also like the piano because I love Beethoven.  I like performing in the concerts at Page Music Night.

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Interested in playing piano in a band, or at church, or just in front of friends? Or simply for your own enjoyment?

Take your piano (or keyboard) playing to the next level, or learn piano for the first time. Page Music Lessons helps you achieve your piano goals. Use our upright pianos or keyboards, and take advantage of our many performance opportunities.

Page Music Lessons delivers high caliber, private piano lessons Boston and keyboard lessons in Boston or via webcam, with highly experienced instructors who love music and love to teach.

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Piano / Keyboards Instructors

Jasmine Yotsugi

Nicholas McConnell

Todd Marston

Tal Zilber

Leanna Lam

Julia Grizzell

Dan Sitar

Olea Nickitina

What our Piano Students are Saying

"Paul is the best teacher I've had. I'm really impressed with his ability and patience. Paul is awesome."
- Corbin Kell, piano student

"Tania is great. I can learn a lot from her." - Sung Kim, piano student student


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