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Sally Yu


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Who is your instructor?
My instructor is Allan L. Espinosa. He is a very experienced and responsible violin instructor. Within a fairly short time period, I learned a lot from him. He really corrected lots of my bad habits to play the violin. Whenever Allan saw the problem, he didn't let it go, he always makes sure that I correct them. I'm lucky to have Allan as my instructor. Thanks to Page Music for hiring such a talented and excellent instructor.

How long have you been a student at Page?
I've been a student at PMLC since June 2006. I just relocated from Virginia to Boston area. I was concerned that I couldn't locate a good violin teacher. Luckily, now I have one.

I work for Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge as an accounting systems specialist. But my life-long interests is violin. Hopefully, I can play a violin concerto one day.

What is your favorite type of music?
Classic music is my favorite type of music, especially violin music.

Thoughts about Page:
I think the format that PML presents is very flexible and practical. It really suits all types of students - either students or working professionals. It also provides affordable plans for people to learn music. Also, PML hires very qualified instructors. Thank you !

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What Our violin Students Are Saying

"I'm very much enjoying my violin lessons with Ji Yun. I haven't played violin in years, and she's been so encouraging and excited about everything I do. She's very patient and professional, and I really enjoy having her as a teacher. I'm really happy with everything about Page Music Lessons, and definitely looking forward to my next lesson."
- Jane D., violin student

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